Open Fit Hearing Aids, Not Your Father's Hearing Aids!

This website was designed to educate you on Open Fit Hearing Aids, hearing loss, testing, and related areas of interest.

Open Fit Instruments may be what you've been looking for in comfort and clarity of speech. These slim design instruments give you the most natural sound quality. Why? Because they leave your ear canal unoccluded or open. Only the frequencies that you need help with are amplified.

With Open Fit Hearing Aids, you will not feel like your stuffed up or feel like you're talking with your fingers in your ears. You only get help with the frequencies where you need it.

My name is Ron Allander. I specialize in Open Ear Fittings. I'm Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. The name of my practice is Susquehanna Hearing Aid Centers. It is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I hope you find both informative and useful.

Open Fit Benefits
Why Open Fit Hearing Aids? Here are some the benefits.
Open Fit Models
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FDA Regulations regarding hearing evaluation
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