Oticon Delta 8000 - The Ultimate Open Solution

Delta 8000 is the ultimate open solution. Delta 8000 is a RITE(Receiver In The Ear) hearing device where the receiver is placed directly in the ear canal and the amplifier is placed behind the ear.

Delta 8000 features Automatic Multiband Adaptive Directionality, TriState Noise Management and frequency range up to 8000 Hz. The choice of three types of ear pieces and two amplification strategies makes Delta 8000 suitable for both new and experienced users with any configuration of heaing loss up to 80db.

Key Features

Enhanced bandwidth and the most advanced technology for the best speech in noise and ease of listening.

* Artificial Intelligence

* Up to 8 Channels

* TriState Noise Management(with VoiceFinder)

* Dynamic Feedback Cancellation

* Automatic Adaptation Manager

* Bandwidth - Enhanced bandwidth ensures excellent sound quality and access to the important higher frequency sounds for greater speech understanding.

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