Hansaton Open Fit

Hansaton has function and design in focus with the Leonardo and Sound Manager Open Fits

LEONARDO, which has been on the market since 2004, features cutting-edge technology for the most demanding of situations. The Leonardo, a high-end system with an external receiver to treat broad-band hearing loss without conventional ear molds.

In that same year, the SOUNDMANAGER virtually eliminates the hearing aid stigma with its exceptional award-winning design.

So small but full of HighTech

Most hearing instrument wearers are irritated by background noise - especially when it appears suddenly. If hearing instruments cannot react on the new environment due to a lack of technology, these noises have a counterproductive effect. The instrument switch off in the very moment they are needed the most.

If your having trouble communicating in restaurants, church, business discussions or seminars, then the Leonardo may be a good fit for you.

The LEONARDO offers great wearing comfort in these situations. The system cannot only reduce background noise fully automatically but also detects and reduces suddenly appearing noises.

Annoying sounds like the rattling of dishes and silverware, or the clangor of glasses are detected and damped in a way that it is perceived as pleasant for the hearing instrument wearer. The voice is not affected by the reduction.

Feedback-free on the phone

The feedback management used in Hansaton hearing systems makes talking on the phone especially pleasant, regardless of whether calling over a landline or from a cell phone.

The annoying whistling that can occur when using the telephone while wearing a hearing aid is effectively suppressed. The third generation of LEONARDO operates with optimized feedback management that guarantees relaxed, interference-free phone calls whether at home or on the road.

LEONARDO II offers 3 fitting choices

Leonardo II Open

Leonardo II Open is a classic open fit instrument. High frequency hearing losses can be catered for perfectly with the use of a cosmetically unobtrusive mini tube.

Bass portions of the signal reach the eardrum in the form of direct sound, preventing occlusion or that "hollow sound".

Leonardo II Natural

Open fittings have taken hold in the market, as this form of fittings avoids occlusion effects, thus considerably increasing acceptance of a hearing system.

Tube systems are ususally used to implement these fittings, as they are suitable fittings for high frequency drops. Tube systems are NOT suitable for broader band hearing losses. This is where an instrument like the Leonardo II Natural comes in.

It has a very small receiver, made comsmetically unobtrusive by a new kind of innovative mechanical link and support. This means that a broader bandwidth of hearing losses can be catered for by the open-fit method. This is because the receiver of the instrument is placed directly in the auditory canal for optimum tone.

Leonardo II

The Leonardo II is designed for fittings with an earmold. It can be fit with the slim tube design or a standard size earmold tubing to allow for a greater loss.

The conversion to a standard earmold from an open fitting allows diversity over time. So, in other words, if your hearing was to detoriate over time, you would not necessarily need a new hearing instrument. You would be able to convert the Leonardo II into a standard BTE(Behind-the-Ear) instrument.

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